How much is Snoop Dogg Net Worth



Calvin Cordozar Broadus was born in 1971 and nicknamed Snoopy very early in life. He is one of the biggest rappers in the American history. He started rapping very early on in life. He has had a very shady life and has been in out of prison many times in life but none of this has been successful in reducing his net worth which just keeps increasing day by day. He is suspected to be a gang member in his teenage years. At first, he started recording homemade tapes when the famous rapper and producer Dr. Dre heard Snoop rapping and gave him a chance in this career. Snoop has maintained an acting career along with his rapping career and both have made him a famous personality in the world because both of them have gained a lot of success and increased the Snoop dogg net worth. He has gone through many transformations throughout his career but never lost his fan following. He married his high school sweetheart and divorced her seven years later. He has three children.

snoop dogg net worth
snoop dogg net worth

How much is Snoop Dogg Net Worth?

The famous rapper, marijuana activist, record producer and actor have a net worth of over $135 million. He has released chart topping albums throughout his career and his album Masterpiece contained the chart topping songs like “Signs” and “Drop it like it is hot.” Snoop dogg became famous because of his unique drawl in which he raps which was very different from all the rappers at that time and even now there is no one who can compete against Snoop Dogg net worth.

Before 2011, Snoop Dogg was very much involved in gangs and guns and had been to prison a lot of time throughout his teenage years. In 2011, Snoop Dogg went on a journey to Jamaica where he was inspired by the Rastafari movement. After being inspired, he got himself baptized and got a new name called “Snoop Lion.” After this, he decided to use his music career and popularity to spread peace and happiness into the world. He has released an album, a movie and a documentary on the same topics as happiness and love. In 2015, Snoop Dogg released an album Bush which was a continuation of the previously released movie.

Snoop dogg has made a lot of investments in his life and career. He founded a film company and even released a season which aired 18 episodes. He also became the creative chairman for the record label Priority Records. Furthermore, he has made a lot of investments in Reddit, Philz Coffee, Robin Hood and GameOn. He has done a lot of food product investments too like dog food, Burger king Norton Antivirus etc.

He also invested in Eaze which is a service that delivers Marijuana to the people that need it at their doorstep. Snoop released a sticker app which was able to generate 30,000 dollars in a week only. He keeps investing money in things like this which increase Snoop Dogg Net Worth.