How much is G Herbo Net Worth 2017 | His Life and Career


G Herbo Net Worth
G Herbo Net Worth

G Herbo rose to the music world in 2014 with his first mix tape Welcome to FazoLand. Born in Chicago and brought up in the Terror Town, he did not had a decent early life. You might know that the young rappers emerging from the Chicago and its surroundings did not enjoy a good childhood. And when you are brought up in the Terror Town which is a place with alarming crime rate, you can be sure that he did not had a decent time. However, he started to pen down his words and eventually rose as a good artist. Here, we are going to put some light on G Herbo net worth, his life and career.


G Herbo Net Worth

Various sources suggest that the young sensation has a net worth of $1 million as per start of 2017. He started earning in 2014 as he released his first album Welcome to Fazoland. He is currently working with various record labels. The notable part is that he is a good friend of fellow rapper Lil Bibby who is also from Chicago. Both released a song with title Kill Shit in 2012 which was an online sensation of its time. The song contributed a lot to his worth and with his later works as we will discuss in his career section, he has been able to get the label of $1 million with his name.

G Herbo Early life

Herbert Wright, a boy born on 8th October 1995 in Chicago, Illinois, is commonly known by his stage name G Herbo. Like various rappers that come from Chicago, he has not had the best of childhoods. He was brought up in Terror Town which is an area known for its high crime rate. Despite all that mess around him, he was able to draw inspiration from musicians that include Yo Gotti, Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy. His love for music from his early life helped him in writing his own songs as he went to his teenage.

G Herbo Career

The career of G Herbo got a kick start with the release of Kill Shit. The song highlighted both Herbo and his fellow rapper Lil Bibby. In September 2012, he came up with the first solo mixtape Road to Fazoland. The mixtape featured 12 tracks and was streamed around 79,000 times. After a year, in 2013, he dropped the second mixtape of his career with the title Road 2 Riches. Like his earlier album, this one also featured several songs as the count was 15. However, these two tapes were not most popular of the rapper but as these are his first works so they are worth mentioning.

With the passage of time, G Herbo net worth Increased more and more.

Then in February of 2014, he released the debut mixtape with the title Welcome to Fazoland. It was a remarkable achievement for the rapper as the album went on to be streamed for over 375,000 times and got several positive reviews. Later the same year, he dropper Pistol P Project for his fans which was listened for around 125,000 times.

Final words

Although G Herbo net worth is $1 million, still the rapper is at the early stages of his career. His enthusiasm and love for music hints at only one thing which is his growth in upcoming years.

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