How much is Lil Durk Net Worth


Lil Durk Net Worth
Lil Durk Net Worth

Lil Durk Net Worth

The American Rapper from Chicago

Durk Banks, also known as Lil Durk, is an American professional singer, songwriter and rapper. He is among the recent sensations in the music industry and is a young gun with a lot of talent. Born on 19th October 1992 in Chicago, Illinois, Durk is around 25 years old. He has released several albums and currently holds the contract to a few recording studios. Here, we are going to discuss the Lil Durk net worth, his rise and will take a glance at both his life and career.

Lil Durk Career and Net worth

Lil Durk was first introduced to people back in 2011. It was the time when he attached himself with Chief Keefe who is also a Chicago-based rapper. However, there are sources suggesting that Durk never signed an official contract with the label. Though it gave him exposure and made his name pop up in front of people. At the start, he released two single tracks named as ’Sneak Dissin’ and ‘I’ma Hitta’ and each track got appreciation. After that, the third one was a mixtape with the title of ‘Life ain’t no Joke’ which was also popular. Later, he also came up with single track known as ‘L’s Anthem’ in which French Montana was along with him. After people saw L’s Anthem was gaining popularity, the following was ‘Dis Ain’t what you want’ which also rocked. Looking at these back to back hit songs, with later one being a joint venture with Def Jam Recordings, the company gave him a call and signed a contract. Later on, his fourth album came up with the label ‘signed to the streets’ and was under the supervision of Coke Boys. His own label was also involved and was known as OTF (Only the Family).

‘Signed to the Streets’ was a mixtape featuring 8 songs with each of them being accompanied by a video. Following this, Lil Durk came up with another mixtape under the label of OTF and Coke Boys which was seen as a sequel to ‘Signed to the Streets.’

Right now, the exact Lil Durk net worth is not available. However, according to the sources, it is somewhere between 600 thousand dollars to 800 thousand dollars. Considering the fact that he is also introduced to the industry recently and is pretty young when it comes to age, you can expect the net worth is going up in coming years.

Personal life and legal issues

So, that was a peek at Lil Durk net worth and his career. Let’s talk about his personal life. He has been through plenty of legal problems. First of all, his manager, known by the names of OTF Dolla or Chino Dolla, was shot in Chicago in 2015 and could not survive. Prior to that, his cousin, known by the name of OTF Nunu, was also shot and killed in 2014. Banks himself was arrested on allegations of a weapon in 2011 and had to spend 3 months in jail. Later in 2013, he was again arrested in 2013 but was released. His most popular date is fellow rapper DeJ Loaf who also featured in one of his tracks ‘My Beyonce.’

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